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Ancient Romans and Celts

The history of our charming area reaches far back. Long before the Ancient Romans, the Celts settled here. They have left their footprints all over our region for you to discover. We offer tours to the restored Celts settlement “Altburg” near Bundenbach, as well as the archaeological sites of the Ancient Roman Vicus in “Wareswald” in Tholey. Here you can admire Ancient Roman underfloor heating systems or visit the enigmatic “Hunnenring”, an impressive Celtic fortification.

You will find more information about life, work, fighting and dying in ancient times at the Celtic and Roman exhibition ( ("Celts, art and cult experience"). On Campus, very close to your hotel, was once a Celtic burial ground. We have restored one of the large grave mounds. The Roman monumental grave near Siesbach or the archaeological park "Belginum" in Morbach are also interesting travel destinations. Discover the up to 2500 year old ruins and relics of the Hunsrück-Nahe-Bergland on foot by experiencing the 110 km long cultural route “Sirona Weg”, named after the Celtic-Roman goddess of springs and healing, Sirona.